Architecture & Design Guidelines

The planning and design philosophy of Cedron Creek Ranch Architectural Design Committee is to encourage consistent quality and design expression throughout its bowidaries, while allowing for individuality of architectural expression by its Owners to enhance the value of their property. The guidelines, procedures and information herein define the means by which homes built at Cedron Creek Ranch Association can be compatible with each other and with their unique setting. These Architectural Guidelines are the criteria for judgment and form the basis of control by the Architectural Design Committee.

These Architectural Guidelines may change from time to time to adhere to new changes in the Texas HOA law and to reflect new experiences and changing conditions without modifying their overall intent.


1. Authority

Per the Declaration of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Cedron Creek Ranch Association (the "Declaration"), the Cedron Creek Ranch Architectural Design Committee (the "Committee") hereby exercises its rights and establishes these Architectural Guidelines (the.. Guidelines"). The Declaration will control if there are any discrepancies between the Guidelines and the Declaration.

2. Architectural Design Committee

Per the Declaration of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Cedron Creek Ranch Association (the "Declaration"), the Cedron Creek Ranch Architectural Design Committee (the "Committee") hereby exercises its rights and establishes these Architectural Guidelines (the.. Guidelines"). The Declaration will control if there are any discrepancies between the Guidelines and the Declaration.

3. Right of Waiver

  1. Approval by the Committee shall not be deemed to constitute compliance with the requirements of any local building codes, development regulations or other applicable laws, and it shall be the responsibility of the Owner to comply therewith.
  2. Any Owner submitting plans for Committee approval shall be responsible for the verification and accuracy of all dimensions, grade, elevations and the location of key natural terrain features for the Site.
  3. Should the Committee deny any submission, any re-submission shall follow the same procedures as the denied submittal. The Owner shall reply in writing to Committee concerns during, or after the submission, if requested.
  4. Previous failure of any Owner or Owners of the Association to enforce any of the declaration shall in no event be deemed a waiver of the right to do so or to enforce others in the future.


No building, boundary fence or wall, or other structure shall be commenced, erected, placed, or altered on any Tract until the plans and specifications, showing the nature, kind, shape, dimensions, materials, exterior color scheme, and location of such structure, shall have been submitted and approved in writing by the Committee.

All requirements noted within this section which are pertinent to the development of an Owner's Site shall be incorporated into the plan submittal in the form of general notes, details or drawings.

1. Nature of Project

The nature of the project consists of new home construction, multi-use home construction, mobile home purchase, exterior remodel, barn and workshop construction, storage building construction, outdoor lighting, decks or fencing. Contact the Association at 254-707-2215 for water meter installation and tap fee.

  1. All site-built homes within the association must include a minimum 1,200 square feet of actual living space and have the appearance of a residence. In the event of multi-use buildings in which a home and barn or home and workshop are combined, the resulting structure must still present the appearance of a home and be aesthetically acceptable, which is defined as having a pleasing appearance in harmony with surrounding structures.
  2. Mobile Homes are permitted only in Sections One, Seven and Ten. The Architectural Change Request must include the year built, color, trim, building materials, underpinning, foundation, anddimensions for all Mobile Homes approvals. Attach a picture of mobile home and a drawing showing the location on the tract the home will be placed.
  3. For all exterior remodels, barn and shop construction, storage building, outdoor lighting, decks,fencing, other structures and driveways, a complete detailed description of the project must besubmitted for approval.

2. Exterior Material, Finishes and Roofs

Regardless of the building materials selected, the roofing material and color schemes must be complementary to the overall appearance of the home and must be detailed on the plans submitted to the Committee for approval prior to construction or replacement.

3. Color

The use of decorative accent colors, solid body stains, and color-blocking will be reviewed for location and application. Color samples may be submitted for Committee review. The Committee will consider all coloration schemes based on their architectural merit and compatibility.

4. Changes

No material changes in plans or materials previously approved may be undertaken without written approval of the Committee. No work shall be undertaken (other than routine maintenance and repair) which will result in material changes in the exterior appearance of an approved residence,including painting or staining, without prior, written approval of the Committee. Note: Inspectionof the project may be done upon completion.

5. Accessory Buildings/Decks/Driveways

Structures such as barns, storage buildings, gazebos, decks, greenhouses or pools also require submittal of detailed plans and approval by the Committee. All such structures must maintain the same standards and harmonious appearance as the residence. Property owners that are unaware ofexisting terrain with possible drainage issues should submit the location of those, including a
driveway, for assistance.

C. SITE ST AND STandards

These Site Standards, together with the Architectural Guidelines, form the basic direction for the community. Plans should minimize disturbance of existing terrain and should not disturb drainage patterns. Respect for adjacent residences is stressed.

1. Perimeter Fencing, Interior Fencing and Gates

Perimeter fencing can run along the property survey line bordering any community road, but not less than ten (10) feet from the road. Fencing can run along the property survey line of adjacent interior lots. All fencing and/or cross fencing must have prior approval prior to installation. Attach a drawing showing distances from property lines or other fence; reference the type and height Refer to Exhibit A (Fence and Road Diagram) for Right-of Way and Set Back Provisions.

2. Setbacks

No structure or building, fencing excluded, shall be constructed, erected, placed, or maintained on any Tract nearer than twenty-five (25) feet to the boundary line of any community road, nearer than fifteen (15) feet to the rear lot line, or nearer than ten (10) feet to interior lot line.

3. Shipping/Storage Container

Only one shipping/storage container is permitted on each tract. The exterior of all metal containers are subject to random inspection by the Committee. Containers must be in good repair with no markings of any kind. Property owners must submit a written request prior to placing any metal storage container on their property. Request must include the container size, color and location on property.

4. Septic System/Sewerage

No outside toilets are permitted. No installation of any kind for the disposal of sewerage shall be allowed, which would result in raw or untreated sewerage being carried into the waters of Lake Whitney or which would result in raw or untreated sewerage on the surface of the tract. No means of sewerage disposal may be installed or used except a septic tank or similar improved sanitary methods of sewerage disposal, meeting the requirements of, and approved by, the proper governmental authorities, having jurisdiction with respect thereto. Drainage of septic tanks or other sewerage disposal facilities onto any road, ditch, or surface easement, either directly or
indirectly is prohibited. Upon completion of the project, provide a copy of the Certificate directly giving proof that your septic system meets the county and state regulations; send to the Association at P.O. Box 1770, Whitney, TX 76692. The Certificate will be kept as a permanent record on file.

5. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lights must be functional and enhance the overall appearance of the property. The proposed lights should be in harmony with the surroundings and take into consideration other adjacent or neighboring property. It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure that outdoor lighting is not a nuisance to any other property in the vicinity thereof or its occupants. (Refer to Article VII, Sectionl I in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.)

Good things to remember are:
  1. Light fixtures should be adequately shielded and directed such that no light shines beyond the boundaries of the property.
  2. Consider the height of light poles and the time of year when no leaves are on the trees and could cause the illumination to be offensive or detrimental to other properties in the vicinity.
  3. If there are any doubts or concerns, it is a good idea to speak with your neighbors before


Owners must abide by these regulations, and must ensure that their contractor is familiar with the applicable sections of the Cedron Creek Ranch Association as well as the Guidelines with respect to any construction.

1. Construction

The approval of plans must be received from the Committee prior to construction. Any changes made to the exterior during construction, must be resubmitted and approval received prior to making the changes. Contact the Committee if there are delays in construction or completion of the project. As a courtesy to your neighbors please complete projects in a timely manner, especially if utilizing heavy equipment.

2. Temporary Residence/Structures

No recreational vehicle or other trailer, incomplete building, tent, shack, garage, or barn, and no temporary building or structure of any kind, shall be used at any time for residences, either temporary or permanent. Exception is made when a temporary building or structure is to be used during the construction, repair, or remodeling of a dwelling.

A written request must be submitted to the Committee for use of any temporary structure or recreational vehicle used during construction. Use of a portable toilet during active construction periods will be permitted but must be immediately removed once work ceases.

3. Storage of Construction Material, Trash and Equipment

Construction debris must not be allowed to accumulate or to become detrimental to adjacent properties. Removal of such debris after construction is complete is necessary and the sole responsibility of the homeowner. Construction equipment must be out of sight or removed once the project is finished.


These Guidelines provide a framework for the Committee to review, process and approve property owner's additions or improvements in Cedron Creek Ranch Association. An Owner must follow these guidelines, consistent with the Declaration, to secure the necessary approvals.

Please address all written submittals to the Cedron Creek Architectural Design Committee at P.O. Box 2420, Whitney, TX 76692. Within thirty days of receipt, the Architectural Design Committee will return to the Homeowner a copy of the Change Request (form 101) marked approved, pending or denied. The original copy of approved request with all attachments will be retained and kept on file. If the Change Request is denied or pending, the originals will be returned along with documentation as to why the request was not approved.

Inspections of the location, adherence to the approved plans and the final completed project may be performed by members of the Committee as deemed necessary.